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Our world is saturated with color, however we often are fearful of its use, opting for safe, neutral white surfaces.
As an artist, educator and master paint tinter for over 30 years, Patrick understands the necessity to use color complements to develop rich, saturated, and full-spectrum color palettes.
Using complementary colors for tonal changes (violet to mute yellow for example) as opposed to the use of black or raw umber, creates luminosity and brilliance to color.

Patrick creates unique color palettes maintaining  clean richness, surviving the effects of our often gray Pacific Northwest skies with  signature treatment. The result is a natural and pleasing flow from space to space. 

The success with his unique talent and approach  lies in listening and understanding the desired result of his clients. Patrick often develops two palettes for final reveiw. His repeated compliments  have been..."I never would have chosen that...I love it",  "You have saved our marriage", or "I never expected chosing colors could be so fun!"